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If you missed us live on Pat Duncan 1/8/04, click on the link below to listen to the show from the WFMU archives!

Dysfunctional Youth Live!


A Bit of Dysfunctional Youth History

Before Dysfunctional Youth came to be, the 4 guys you see in the site now started a band called Two Minute Hate around 1990. They never played out, but wrote the songs Glue Heads, Drunk Punks, Shattered, Losing My Mind and a bunch of others. After a year, the band died out, even though everyone still hung out together. Then, in the summer of 92‘, Tommy the bass player met Kenny & started jamming out & soon got together with a new drummer, Matt Thomas (not the current Matt) and Otto. They came up with the name Dysfunctional Youth and started out by playing some of the old Two Minute Hate songs and creating Today’s Youth, Governments, Manson for President (now called Working Class with new lyrics) and some others. After about a year of playing out, Matt Thomas left Dysfunctional Youth and Julio (the current guitarist and original guitarist for Two Minute Hate), being familiar with most of the songs filled in on drums and stayed in for a few years. The band played shows all over NY, NJ even CT and PA. At the time, they played alot of shows with The Casualties and have played with Varukers, Adicts, Anti Nowhere League among others. Some of the best shows were played at ABCnoRios, CBGB’s and CIH (Coney Island High) in NY.

For some unknown reason, Otto was replaced by Manny on vocals. Time went on & there was a show in Hoboken, NJ in the basement of a punk record store that Tommy never showed up to (due to personal family events). Kenny was obviously upset by this & wanted to replace him. He set up rehearsal one day & didn’t tell Tommy, he wanted to have this replacement try out. He calls Julio to tell him about the rehearsal & not to tell Tommy. Since Julio & Tommy were good friends since even before the time of Two Minute Hate, he didn’t agree with the way Kenny was going about this. He felt Kenny should’ve confronted & told Tommy how he felt & maybe even give him an ultimatum if he wanted. Point was, Kenny had taken matters into his own hands without consulting the others, so Julio backed out of the band alongside Tommy.

Kenny and Manny obviously got replacements for drums & bass & stayed around for awhile longer & played some more shows until they too died out!

In the summer of 2002, Otto, Tommy and Julio started up the band again with Brian filling in on guitar. After having played their reunion show in Manahawkin, Brian left the band. It was at a show they played in Connections that they ran into Marty Munsch who is best friends with Matt Brown the drummer from Two Minute Hate). Through Marty, they got back in touch with Matt who had since gotten married and was expecting a baby. The band was thrilled at the idea of having Matt in the band. It was just like old times! Matt had done a few projects of his own including a couple of rockabilly bands and playing for Squiggy among others.

Currently in 2003, Dysfunctional Youth continues to play shows on occasion with the likes of Dead Heros and old time friends Broken Heroes, but are mostly working toward new material for a full length CD which will be produced by local punk rock guru Marty Munsch!

So make it a point to come out and see this old school NJ Oi/Punk band who’s been playing for the punks since the early 90’s with no plans to sell out!